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12 Active Ingredients for Promoting Ear & Hearing Health*

Vitamins C and E Major antioxidants that neutralize free radicals which may impair hearing
Niacin Helps promote blood circulation to the ears, and a favorable lip balance
Folate (as folic acid) Important in maintaining efficient blood flow and nervous system functions. Deficiencies may lead to hearing loss in elderly people.
Vitamin B-12 Clinical studies have shown an association with noise-induced tinnitus and hearing loss
Calcium Hydroxyapatite The primary type of calcium in bone; helps balance magnesium intake
Magnesium Researchers have clinically shown the value of noise-induced hearing loss
Zinc (as gluconate) An essential mineral prevalent in the inner ear
Choline Bitartrate and Inositol Lipotropics which facilitate the movement of lipids in and out of cells
Isolationism Have been shown clinically to benefit individuals with dizziness and balance performance
Gingko Biloba Extract Published clinical studies suggest this herb promotes blood flow throughout the body, including the ears.

The above information is based on published clinical reports and/or published information found below.

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