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Water& Noise Protection

Keep earplugs and protectors in while keeping water out.
The majority of ENT Physicians and Hearing Health Care Professionals in the U.S. believe that patients who wear ear protection, especially custom-molded protectors or preformed rubber ear plugs, should also wear a tight-fitting cap or band for extra protection when swimming or showering to help prevent ear infections and other related ear problems such as swimmer's ear.
FEATURES  of Physicians’ Choice Head Bands:
  • Velcro® type closure allows easy adjustments for a comfortable fit.
  • Stay positioned over the ears to help keep water out and ear plugs and protectors in.
  • Fabricated from "wet suit" neoprene material. It is more durable than conventional swim caps. Great for children.
  • Packaged in a zip pouch in four sizes: Small, medium, large and extra large.
  • Color: Royal Blue

Headband colors

ITEM # SIZE Price/each
69791 Small : 1-4 years $11.95
69792 Medium : 5-10 years $11.95
69793 Large : 11-Adult $11.95

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